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The Las Palomas Apartment laundry facility is a designated place where you can wash and dry your clothes inside your apartment once you connect your washer and dryer appliance, or if this is not possible you can wash and dry your clothes in the 24-hour community laundry systems. 

With a great package of apartment amenities like air conditioning, refrigerator, spacious floor-to-ceiling areas, oversized closets, you live in comfort and luxury in the Las Palomas Apartment laundry facility.

The Las Palomas Apartment laundry facility is found in a room built for the purpose, with air-conditioning, lighting and clean interior where a series of upgraded, high-tech clothes washers and dryers are on the line for use by residents on a 24-hour basis. The Countryside Apartment laundry facility washing machines are great for any type of fabric and are designed to protect your clothes from damage. 

The Las Palomas Apartment laundry facility can be a way of bringing people together in one place for a common purpose. You can bring your clothes for washing at the center and let the high-tech washing machines do its job, after which the clothes drying machine will accomplish the next work. 

There are closets where you can temporary hang the cleaned clothes before picking them up for delivery back to your apartment.

You can meet people who have just checked-in at the apartment facility and would want to unpack their clothes at the Las Palomas Apartment laundry facility. You can also take the opportunity of meeting people at the facility who have stayed in the community for a number of months and met the friendly residents and staff.

The Las Palomas Apartment laundry facility inspires creative living and home activity making, with its quaint but elegantly designed modern apartment, combining with the modern countryside way of life where life becomes more enjoyable, as you experience the convenience of modern apartment living.

The Las Palomas Apartment is one of the premiere residential home apartment systems in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are ten large clusters of built apartment complexes sprawled on the wide Las Palomas site from the corner of St. Michael’s Drive and Llano Street to Hopewell Street and 6th Street on the north side. Each built apartment complex has wide and ample parking spaces so that parking is close to the apartments. 

We can schedule a private tour for you to find your new apartment at Las Palomas 2001 Hopewell Street, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Call now at (505) 984-8887. You can also come directly to our office and meet our experienced and friendly staff. We are open 24/7 from Monday to Sunday. You can visit our website and leave a message there at